One starry Night

starry-night-moon-edition “Spring time”  is the season following winter and preceding summer. It’s the time of rebirth,rejuvenation, renewal,resurrection,regrowth.

That evening ambiance was warmest and softest and thinnest and most crystalline sparkling of stars all over the vast sky. It seems like the most fragile and romantic night. Feeling hot and sweaty she moves towards the door. Escaping from every eye she eloped from the crowd . Gathering her long skirt and wiping off the sweat from her forehead and neck exulting over  own self  and twisting with arrogant pride she pushed through the crush.  She was seventeen  at that time.

She  knew  Neil    would follow her.  Neil  skillfully twisted his way through crowd and eventually escaped from the gauging eyes  of   few The  sky was deep indigo in color  and shimmering like bride with  sparkle   of twinkling stars. Once she was out from the crowd , she took deep breath and gulp some fresh air and felt better. The atmosphere was calm and still and the bright rays of moon was painting the path. The mellow brightness of the calm night brought in the feel of imminent to her. She walked unaware through and from the open air there was sweet pungent odor  of the wild flowers.  Every movement of her there was a spring. The re was soft air  aching with enchantment and a slow music was drifting from far away.  She raised her head towards the sky, the star spangled night and the silvery crystal  clear rays of the moon seems so serene. She “smiles” and her healthy blushes that glow on her cheeks  and brow.

she turned around to see Neil , but he was right behind her and very close to her. she could feel his warm breath on her face. The things which she wanted to tell him died on her lips. She looked at his eyes and this made her pulse  beat faster.  And above from the heaven the moon was painting the world with the silvery rays making every thing alive.  She felt that he has gripped her waist . “Amazing”  electric kind of feelings and the two hearts meld. A spark arises and it created a flame and there was a buffet of corded strength in him. The silvery stream of rays fell on her face. Neil with his fingers moved the strand of hairs from her face. Tracing her face with his fingers “Neil” was drawing a master piece just for himself.  As if he was figuring out a  map to heaven and the way was she. And under his every stroke of his finger she was melting like ice. He was leaning towards her  intently , with a sort of inspired and chaste romance in his eyes. The slow breeze was singing , the milk of stars were showering their rays on them and their hearts buoyed up in a substance move taut than  air.

She closed her eyes and he lowered his face. She could feel his lips touched her  “STARLET” her lips remain stiff and a fiery flame leaped up. She yielded to the pressure “Involuntarily” she kissed him back.  She was taken back by the fierce hunger,and her own body betrayed her. She could feel the tight grip of his arms.  Her fingers clutched his hairs at back and he was crushing her carefully in his arms. She and Neil under the calm moonlight and burning red flame  inside there heart was burning, void of touch,eyes closed, heart alive, soul embracing one another and they did not know what they were experiencing then, that unreal, UN desirous medley of ecstasy and peace. They were blind and deaf but there was a overwhelming sensation of welding to each other. The closeness satiated their thirst at each others fount. They enjoyed the passion that burned between them until they were both about to com bust. There  closeness was that , it seemed to have no element of wild passion, regret, desire, despair…..but a delirious promise of such  happiness in the world   which they had never known .

Eventually some passerby murmuring penetrated there attention and they reluctantly moved apart. Raw heat smoldered between them ,letting the warmth to go deep into there soul on that bright night. That night between them it was foregone conclusion to be each other forever.

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Today, however was a different day from my typical schedule and i had some time left for me. I turned on television and I skimmed through few channels and finally decided to turn it off. Then it was turn of my soul mate my dear computer .I started checking my mails, readings few good articles and so on..
The sudden knock on the door brought me back to this world. Making me perfect I opened the door-and found my immediate neighbour with a pleasing smile . She handed her keys to me and than left. With her every step I could hear the tinkling sound (cham-cham) of her anklets.

Sometimes sound plays a n important role in our life. Flooded with gamut of emotions and memories and some floating feelings I ventured to kitchen prepared a cup of tea and then with my pen and notebook to write down…

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”Aam” Mango and the Woman

Here to the woman !

Who knows where she is going. And will keep on until she gets there. Who knows not only what she wants from life,But she has to offer in return .Who is loyal to family and friends who expects no more from others.Than she is willing to give ,who gives the gift of her thoughtfulness. Who shows her caring with a world of support. Her understanding with smile. A woman bring joy to others just by being herself. So do let her live .

India is followed by a misogynist patriarchal society. Our society is male dominating society. Nature created woman different from man for some definite purpose. Nature designed life and action by the means of imbalance brought about the traits of man and woman. Women are always the weakest section of society by their nature and are handicapped in the world of men. A women suffers all type of cruelty and humiliation since ages with patience and silence. Surprisingly in India we worship ”Goddess”and this Earth where we live is also known as mother earth . Women excepts it as natural heritage and she lives in mercy and Chasity of men. silently bearing all the atrocities, unless and until society in an enlightened mood comes to her rescue.

Atrocities against women in India are mainly rape, dowry death,abduction, and even female infanticide. every year their are thousand of dowry death and female infanticides recorded

Few days back i have gone through an article and just came across and came to know about this. A small village in Bihar has zero case of dowry death and female infanticide. The village is in east Bihar , a village where the Mango is quite literally the fruit of labor . Here the village follows a decades old practice faithfully where a birth of a girl child is not a burden for their family. Where as they cultivate ten mango saplings and they are yeiled through the year. This finances the child education ,and her marriage. The village is located 35 km from the place Bhagalpur . The name of the village is known as Dharhara. Their are over one million mango trees and zero dowry death or case of female infanticide.

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”Thirst” of social media

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”Thirst” of social media

social media sites were created for some good reason only to help us to be social with others and connecting with people who are far away from us.15 to 20 y ears back we didn’t have the media or platform to get connected. Social media sites plays an important part in our daily life.

Few good things these social media has given us like we get connected with people all around the world and few years back this was just impossible. So social media sites were great for what they were intended to be.And slowly this became a part of our daily life. The ”Thrist” of social media increased in people. The thirst of social media is among all generation. Though their were few norms imposed by these sites but these are only on pen and paper. Children below 18 years are not allowed to open an account in anywhere around the world. But with fake identity accounts are been opened.

We are so accustomed with social media that our life doesn’t take pace without social media. It is just like the first ray of light in our life. We put our private life and our privacy on display for the people we consider to be friends. By doing so we help the connected people our friends constantly observe what is going in our life and as well as theirs. Social media has ingrained in our life so much that without these social media we cant think of our lives .The time spend in social sites is hour upon hour a day,doing nothing but scrolling through the feed constantly.We made the social media’s platform so important in life that we constantly feed information and collect information to keep our daily status constantly kept checking on……. This has created a thirsty phase of social media. The social media skills have such supremacy that who can upload and tag a photo faster to show how we are living our lives and our action which are been documented on these sites.

There are something which are seems to be rising phenomena in the social media sites.The special days which becomes so popular and spreading like epidemic. Those special days like Father’s day ,Mother’s day etc. Those are the days we spend with our beloved ones and cherished the relationship .But our main aim is to upload the photos with subliminal messages to show how we love them. But it never ever occurs to us that our old sweet parents are not even aware of social media.They even not know the attention we received from our friends. Actually all of us are thirsty of attention. Social media has created a competition among the people. The picture perfect looking couple has also become a trend. to show the attention and love towards family , spouse , and kids etc.

The truth of this matter is different .Actually no one cares about the description we gave or how great relation we have or how great you look.The fact is every one likes to get attention. Are we so insecure that we need our action to be paid attention on social media? People showing off about the good deeds, the good life they have etc……. The approval seeking behavior will bring death to our generation and if we allow this to be. All the social media has created a fake competition among all of us. The social media sites were not to be that all about. They were meant to be for communication, but not to be a popularity contest based.
The thirst of social media is rising fast and constantly. We have to stop worrying about how to impress others rather than to focus on our own life. The social media just attracts us and traps us and we get addicted towards it and our ”Thirst” increases.

We should focus on our life, our action and not that we want to show the world. No social media is needed to get attention.

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Illustration of social attitude towards a women

Our society is misogynist,patriarchal society . A women always become a prey of this male dominating society and is always an ultimate sexual entity for men . The male dominating societies have two different ways to perceive threat on women sexuality.

  1. By segregating them
  2. By a dividing line of shame and guilt

There is even difference marked within countries ,religion,and culture.when we talk about our country and our neighbouring countries some what there is same beliefs and thoughts which are being followed . There is always difference in power between men and women .These difference in power is an attempt to control over female sexuality which lies in our culture. Since ages until date these are going on .Women have always been a sexual entity and commodity of market.


Our country is a developing country and like other civil countries our is also progressing towards modernisation . Modernisation has brought lot of changes . Todays women are specialized in feminine beauty, fashion with unique style of her own and captures the duality of modern women.They are beautiful ,professional minded yet they like to cook in the kitchen. They are courageous yet very sensitive . They know the latest trend of fashion but still can go with old creative fashion of grandma . They can be goddesses , good friend ,caring mother ,good wife, good daughter and also a career minded women.

The social reality which is created by interaction of  people  remains the same . Our country has its own specific culture though how modern our thoughts might be but still we follow the old specific culture roots .The thoughts of western society our quite different from ours .


The birth of a girl is usually  considered to be  a burden to a family .The custom gives the rights to the male to inherit power and position from one generation to another . Societies are dominated by male ,it does not mean that such dominance has been achieved by same means or have resulted in comparable cultural constructs.There are vast differences in society and culture . The nature has also created a difference between the sexes . The nature has given rights to the females to give birth to a new life . Men can be farther but cannot give birth to a new life. Men are the ruling gender always depending on the women for their heirs. societies have even categorised women into two groups good women and harlot Good women should give their husband their  martial rights.Without motherhood womanhood is not complete .Several restrictions are there for women. A sexuality is always controlled physically and these restrictions are to control and limit the freedom and possibilities of women .Sexuality is governed by complex set of social norms . Since beginning of time men always dreamed of independence or say freedom to follow his own unregulated desire . Women are always a personal property ,disrespect, sexual harassment , abuse  had  become a  fact of life “LIKE SUGAR IN CUP OF YOUR TEA” . 

The misogynist or patriarchal society always make the women feel week by giving them physical and  emotional wound . They survive with the feeling shame and guilt . Even it has been in Upanishads , perhaps as early as the 6th century B.C that the first seeds of a renunicant movement that rejects the desire for children , wealth and women  warning that sexuality must be controlled  primarily by controlling women . All the responsibilities for conflict between sexuality and chastity are projected on to women . It is nature of women to corrupt men .Then there is a traditional belief that men have the right to control women .These domination then takes the form of emotional,physical,sexual abuse .


How we in a social process form our society and at the same time how we participate in progress of shaping the society. We very well know that changes are possible and we have to break our old traditional values because the old way can no longer go further . People have to find out new norms that will have strong tendency to revert the older ones . And when this happens then the door of new opportunities opens . We have to find out exactly those areas where men and women are seen as companions and sexuality of women is not perceived as threatening. We can achieve at least part of what if we find the proper solid foundation.




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